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KodiakIntroduced in the final two cycles of the war, the Kodiak was the sum of Northern engineering, concentrating massive firepower in a mobile package. The armor was consistently thickened, especially on the front, and the armor skirts were extended for additional protection. The engine and transmission were upgraded to help the Kodiak carry nearly one and a half tons more weapons and armor plating.

Code Name: Kodiak
Production Code: NACS-10HG-AST
Manufacturer: Northco/Shaian Mechanics
Use: Heavy Assault Gear
Height 5.2 meters
Full Combat Weight: 10485 kg
Armor Material: Durasheet with Alloy & Ceramic
Armor Thickness: 80 mm
Max Running Speed: 36 kph
Max Rolling Speed: 66 kph
Power plant S-V2202 V-engine
Horsepower: 1150 HP