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King Kobra

King CobraThe King Cobra was given a frightening and varied array of weaponry. The King's main weapon is the advanced PA-2X Particle Accelerator, backed up by a shoulder-mounted rocket pod and a back-mounted rocket rack, the latter giving the machine long-range hitting power as well. A guided mortar provides medium range firepower and a Gatling autocannon replaces the Spit's minigun. Among the most frightening sights seen on the modern battlefield.

Code Name: King Cobra
Production Code: OACS-12H/AS
Manufacturer: Territorial Arms Skunk Works
Use: Heavy Assualt Gear
Height 5.2 meters
Full Combat Weight: 10120 kg
Armor Material: Armoplast with Alloy & Ceramic
Armor Thickness: 92 mm
Max Running Speed: 36 kph
Max Rolling Speed: 66 kph
Power plant WV-2500TC/x V-engine
Horsepower: 1055 HP