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JaguarThe Jaguar was intended to be the Hunter's successor in the armies of the Confederation. It is faster, sports better armor, and can carry heavier weaponry, all at the cost of some endurance. It was also the unit that introduced the use of the VR helmet, dispensing with the bulky screens and HUD of the early Hunter models. Unfortunately, the head of the Gear is barely large enough to contain its pilot's own head and VR helmet.

Jaguars are fewer in number than Hunters because of their higher cost, and are thus more likely to be found in elite units such as the infamous Cat's Paws.

Code Name: Jaguar
Production Code: HACS-02MG-MPS
Manufacturer: Northco
Use: General Purpose Gear
Height 4.6 meters
Full Combat Weight: 7123 kg
Armor Material: Durasheet with Alloy & Ceramic
Armor Thickness: 51 mm
Max Running Speed: 54 kph
Max Rolling Speed: 84 kph
Power plant S-V1110S V-engine
Horsepower: 620 HP