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JägerThe Jäger is the southern version of the successful Hunter Heavy Gear design. Southern Republic commandos stole the design a century ago and brought it back to the Republic, which quickly used it to force the other southern leagues into a military alliance.

Externally, the Jäger looks somewhat different from its northern cousin: it has rounded shoulders and a more refined appearance. The internal systems, however, are practically the same as the ones found on the Hunter.

Code Name: Jäger
Production Code: OACS-01M/SU
Manufacturer: Territorial Arms
Use: General Purpose Gear
Height 4.3 meters
Full Combat Weight: 6627 kg
Armor Material: Durasheet with Alloy
Armor Thickness: 45 mm
Max Running Speed: 42 kph
Max Rolling Speed: 72 kph
Power plant WV-950A V-engine
Horsepower: 450 HP