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IguanaAlthough the Iguana looks somewhat like its brethren of the GP class, it is very different in both mission capability and construction. The Iguana is not built around the usual composite chassis but a metal alloy one. Its armor also incorporates alloy with armoplast material.

The Iguana was conceived to replace the modified, stripped-down Basilisks that were previously used for scouting purposes. The machine is small, with the pilot cramped into a tiny cockpit which occupies a good part of the main body. Tiny and fast, the Iguana is perfectly suited for recon and rapid strike missions where discretion is imperative.

Code Name: Iguana
Production Code: OACS-01L/SU
Manufacturer: Territorial Arms
Use: Scout/Recon Gear
Height 4.1 meters
Full Combat Weight: 5100 kg
Armor Material: Armoplast with Alloy
Armor Thickness: 40 mm
Max Running Speed: 54 kph
Max Rolling Speed: 84 kph
Power plant WV-750TC/B V-engine
Horsepower: 630 HP