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GrizzlyThe Grizzly is what could be called a "heavy" Heavy Gear. It towers over other designs and is equaled only by the Southern Republic's Spitting Cobra. Grizzlies are usually used to tow field artillery pieces, a job at which they excel because of the high torque ratio of their main drive. Unfortunately this results in a slow ground speed.

The Grizzly is also very efficient in assault squads because of its heavy armor. An interesting characteristic is the single mini-gun bolted under the right arm, on the side of the machine's body just above the waist.

Code Name: Grizzly
Production Code: HACS-02HG-MPS
Manufacturer: Northco/Shaian Mechanics
Use: General Purpose/Fire Support
Height 5.1 meters
Full Combat Weight: 9210 kg
Armor Material: Durasheet with Alloy & Ceramic
Armor Thickness: 70 mm
Max Running Speed: 42 kph
Max Rolling Speed: 66 kph
Power plant S-V2200Z V-engine
Horsepower: 956 HP