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GilaThe initial concept behind the Gila was to make a small, rapid Gear which could go into close range with other small and medium Gears, and chew them up. While the Gila's size is the same as the Iguana upon which it was based, the design team at Territorial Arms has gone out of its way to make the weapons load second to none for its size.

The Gila's armor was thickened to rival even that of the Black Mamba, turning the new design into, according to some, "some kind of armadillo monster." Lastly, the weapons were also shielded, ensuring once more that the Gear would actually make it to close range and survive there long enough to do some damage.

Code Name: Gila
Production Code: T-XC132
Manufacturer: Territorial Arms
Use: Close Assault Gear
Height 3.9 meters
Full Combat Weight: 6125 kg
Armor Material: Armoplast with Alloy
Armor Thickness: 50 mm
Max Running Speed: 54 kph
Max Rolling Speed: 84 kph
Power plant WV-850TC/X V-engine
Horsepower: 440 HP