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Dark Mamba
Ops Code BTX-03

Dark MambaThe Southern Republic's Black Mamba design is cutting edge, and it was only natural that we get some for the Black Talon program. Despite numerous early problems with the power train and the new modularized systems - not to mention Republican officials, who were extremely leery of releasing the stealth technology of their Snakeye Gear for adaptation - the current vehicle is an agile and versatile machine that should perform well.

Code Name: Dark Mamba
Production Code: N/A
Manufacturer: Black Talon Werks
Use: Main Battle Gear
Height 4.6 meters
Full Combat Weight: 6200 kg
Armor Material: Advanced Composites
Armor Thickness: 56 mm
Max Running Speed: 54 kph
Max Rolling Speed: 84 kph
Power plant WV-930S V-engine
Horsepower: 630 HP