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Dark Kodiak
Ops Code BTX-010

Dark KodiakThe Black Talon Werks are working hard on adapting another series of machines to the new specs, so we do not presently know which one(s) will be available for the mission. The Dark Kodiak seems the most likely prospect, however. Its heavy armor, combined with an upgraded engine and transmission, would allow you to fight your way out of the most desperate situation. Just don't get cocky and think it makes you invincible.

Code Name: Dark Kodiak
Production Code: N/A
Manufacturer: Black Talon Werks
Use: Heavy Assault Gear
Height 5.2 meters
Full Combat Weight: 10,200 kg
Armor Material: Advanced Composites
Armor Thickness: 80 mm
Max Running Speed: 36 kph
Max Rolling Speed: 60 kph
Power plant S-V2202S V-engine
Horsepower: 1150 HP