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Dark Cobra
Ops Code BTX-03

Dark CobraThe Dark Cobra will fulfill the task of long range fire support in your combat squad. Its strong frame is capable of carrying multiple ballistic and missile systems, and while it is slightly slower than the other machines, its heavy armor will keep it safe during engagements. The machine can also be used as a brawler, but its poor agility makes this a dangerous practice to engage in.

Code Name: Dark Cobra
Production Code: N/A
Manufacturer: Black Talon Werks
Use: Fire Support Gear
Height 5.0 meters
Full Combat Weight: 8900 kg
Armor Material: Advanced Composites
Armor Thickness: 90 mm
Max Running Speed: 36 kph
Max Rolling Speed: 66 kph
Power plant WV-1500S V-engine
Horsepower: 940 HP