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Dark Cheetah
Ops Code BTX-02

Dark CheetahThe swift Cheetah scout Gear was selected to perform the reconnaissance tasks of the mission. Its extensive sensor array and built-in electronic warfare suite make it well-suited for this role. It will serve as the eyes and ears of the team once on the ground, but can also serve as a light skirmisher. The basic Cheetah frame was substantially modified to incorporate additional armor and stealth equipment, but did not lose speed or agility.

Code Name: Dark Cheetah
Production Code: N/A
Manufacturer: Black Talon Werks
Use: Scout Gear
Height 4.1 meters
Full Combat Weight: 5200 kg
Armor Material: Advanced Composites
Armor Thickness: 20 mm
Max Running Speed: 60 kph
Max Rolling Speed: 90 kph
Power plant S-V850S V-engine
Horsepower: 450 HP