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CheetahYet another machine evolved from the Hunter design, the Cheetah was born out of the need for a rapid scout/strike unit at a reasonable cost. The Cheetah was Shaian's first entry into the military market. Shaian, an actuator/Gear frame company, made sure the vehicle got the best actuators possible, resulting in a fast, supple machine.

The Cheetah is lightly armored, and relies on its speed and superb maneuverability to avoid being hit.

Code Name: Cheetah
Production Code: HACS-01LG-SCT
Manufacturer: Shaian Mechanics
Use: Scout/Recon Gear
Height 4.3 meters
Full Combat Weight: 5230 kg
Armor Material: Durasheet with Alloy
Armor Thickness: 20 mm
Max Running Speed: 66 kph
Max Rolling Speed: 90 kph
Power plant S-V820S V-engine
Horsepower: 420 HP