Name: Pluto
Diameter: 2300km
Day: 6.39 Earth Days
Dist from Sun:
39.53 AU
System: Sol
Moons: 1 - Charon
Years: 247.7 Earth Years
35-45 K

Pluto, the last known planet in our Solar System, is the setting for the opening act of BZII. Cold and lifeless, Pluto is the most inhospitable world on which the ISDF has planted its flag to date. Not a good choice for that weekend get-away you've been planning.


Dark Planet
No image data has been acquired from the Dark Planet. It is still unsure what this planet is, where it is located and why the ISDF and the Scions are interested in it.


Name: Mire
Diameter: 13050 km
Day: 27.2 Earth Hours
Dist from Binary Stars:
2.67 AU
System: Core
Moons: None
Year: .96 Earth Years
35-39 C

The steamy jungles of Mire are home to a variety of plant life as well as some rather nasty creatures. 'Jakkillers' are big, scaly lizards that slither through the trees looking for tasty jungle treats, such as ISDF pilots. Best, perhaps, to clear the jungles and blow down a bunch of those trees.

Name: Bane
Diameter: 7400 km
Day: .94 Earth Days
Dist from Binary Stars:
16.90 AU
System: Core
Moons: 1 - Barak
Year: 7.1 Earth Years
-9 C

A planet in the Core star system, Bane and its lone moon orbit their twin suns at a sharp angle to the ecliptic. Thick blankets of nuclear snow cover its rocky butes and ice lakes, often half-burying the valuable glowing crystal-formed mineral deposits. Despite the frozen temperatures, some life is still in evidence on Bane, including purple Snow Urchins and tough-skinned Ice Rhinos. The bi-pedal Rhinos wander Bane's wastes on two massive, elephant-like legs and will gnaw on anything they can get their gigantic mouths around, even metal and rock compounds.

Name: Rend
Diameter: 12000 km
Day: 4.2 Earth Hours
Dist from Binary Stars:
1.27 AU
System: Core
Moons: None
Year: 16 Earth Years
500 - 1000 K

Rend is an extremely hot piece of rock that orbits a gas giant 800 times its size. Rend makes a revolution around its gas giant parent every nine months. For four of those months Rend is on the light side of the gas giant, and its surface is heated by both the twin suns and the giant. Add this to constant volcanic activity and a thick methane/sulfur atmosphere, and you've got temperatures approaching a sweltering 1000 K.


Two scout ships sent to the planet Core for reconnaissance were destroyed by an outside force upon entering the atmosphere. Core is suspected to contain strong planetary defenses, beyond anything seen. It is not sure why the planet is so well defended, or what is below the thick black atmosphere.