Battlezone II 1.2 Official Beta Patch (02/25/00)

This is the official beta 1.2 patch for Battlezone II. It contains a host of new features and bugfixes to make your BZ2 gaming experience the best it has ever been. Fixes and updates include:

- Lots of bugs squashed.
- Win2000 compatibility
- Small frame rate speedups
- More reliable network communications
- Game balance tweaks.
- New multiplayer mode: Multiplayer Instant Action (MPI) - A team of humans against the CPU in strategy.
- New multiplayer mode: Race - with plenty of weapons. Improved stability, network performance, and speed.
- 10 New multiplayer maps of various types.
- More tools for map designers, with custom strategic AI.
- More aggressive AI in Single Player missions (vs. 1.1 patch).
- Server handoff in game support.

Download English BattlezoneIIupdateUS.exe from: -
Download French BattlezoneIIupdateFR.exe from:  -
Download German BattlezoneIIupdateGM.exe from: -
Note: These patches are not supported by Activision Customer Support.

Battlezone II 1.1 Official Patch (02/25/00)

Note: The BZ2 Official Beta 1.2 patch is now available above.

This is the official 1.1 patch for Battlezone II. It enables worldwide multiplayer gaming as well as a number of other notable fixes from the 1.1 beta patch:

- Hauler vehicle now hauls reliably
- Bridge in SCION 5 can be destroyed more easily
- Multiplayer connections and stability improved
- Other assorted fixes and corrections

Download the Patch from Activision