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I ’76 Downloads

I just stumbled onto the site today (12-11-06) and noticed that some of the I’76 files are still active! So I got the patch from probably the only available server on the internet. Thanks a lot :) Everything else is dead, though, and I mean, it’s a little late to be looking for files for I’76 but I wondered if you could fix some of the links on this site? Activision decided to totally drop support of their older games, as I’m sure you know. Anyway, glad to see some remnant of my classic games still around, even if it’s only by the good graces of Lycos.

Enjoy the holidays.

I’m trying to get things back up. Maybe I can piece some things back together.

Fungi Power

I’m a die-hard (read dying hard) fan of Interstate ’76. I have the orginal discs of the game. The old ones for Windows 95, where the install disc has the Mech Warrior 2 Demo and some video previews of A-10 Cuba, etc (Thats all I remember). Now, both discs have a problem. There is some sort of ‘fungus’ or something that has eaten through the reflective surface on the top of the discs. There are these ‘plant root’ like formations that are transparent. And the discs are unreadable.

If I’m not asking much, let me know if there is someone who can help with this. Or give/sell a copy of the game ? I need the old one for Windows 95 as I found that it does not have any installation problems like the Win 98 version. Please help ! I’m dying to blow up some Creepers. Please help !

Ouch. I do have a lonesome copy of an I ’76 Disc 1 sitting around, but a much better thing to do would be to go to GameTap and download I ’76. Sure, it costs a couple of bucks, but it’s the easiest way to find the game.

(2010 Update: Even better than GameTap is GOG.

Hot Copy, Indeed

I guess the chances that anyone will recieve this are slim, and even if you are reading it now, I have a feeling that the chances for you to give me a url to a pirated copy of I76 are slim aswell. But I don’t really think I have anything to loose, so If you are reading this. And you happen to know of someone that has the entire game uploaded somewhere, or you have the game and could upload it somewhere, please let me know, because I have lost the original cd and finding a vendor that carries a ten year old game isn’t that easy…

2010 Update: You’re right, I won’t be pointing to illegal methods for obtaining the game. The good news, though, is that it’s available at GOG for a few bucks.

Name That Tune

I recently dug up my old I76 cd and ripped the badass funky music to mp3. I don’t know what the track names are! Can you help a brotha’ out?

Coming your way – I ’76 track names.

Hi-Res I ’76 XP-style

recently I found the way to play Interstate 76 on WinXP (turn sound acc down.) But now I discovered that I can only play it on 640/480 reslolution. I think I used to play it (with Win98) on 1024/768… Is there any tweak to play it in higher resolution? I’ve installed the gold edition patch, but still 640/480. I don’t feel like installing win98 just to play I76 (although it’s a great game…)

Gold edition is locked in at 640×480 unless you’re in software mode.

(2010 Update: Use a Glide wrapper for 3D-accelerated higher resolutions.)