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Eidos announces Deus Ex Universe

Deus Ex Universe

David Anfossi of Eidos Montreal announces a next-gen Deus Ex game as well as non-game media pieces that, combined, form the Deus Ex Universe.

In the Deus Ex world (or should I say “Universe”), David Anfossi of Eidos Montreal has released some excellent news: In addition to the re-tooled Director’s Cut that will integrate game elements on a second screen and tweak a few of Human Revolution’s shortcomings, there’s also a new core DE game in the works, set to to tie in with the Deus Ex world in other forms of media. (more…)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Ongoing Impressions Part 12

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Eliza Cassan and Adam Jensen

In the basement of Picus media lurks the influence of strange and mysterious group – the Illuminati. Perhaps even more strange and mysterious, though, is lead Picus report Eliza Cassan. What’s her secret? Time to find out.

Illuminati – with cloaking technology. Me – in an airvent. Sounds about right. I hide in the airvent and take potshots at the invisible assailants in the basement of Picus TV. With a bit of timing and patience, I manage to take them all out, using a combination of my trusty shotgun and combat rifle – the shotgun for close range and the rifle for longer range. I even use my upgraded, laser-guided pistol for a little accurate shooting. (more…)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Ongoing Impressions Part 11

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Montreal

Out of Hengsha and back to Detroit. Scratch that, there’s a change in plans. Instead, it’s off to Montreal to visit Picus media, the largest infotainment company in the world, to find their lead reporter, Eliza Cassan.

“Back to Detroit,” says Malik.

“No,” Jensen interrupts. “Montreal.” (more…)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Ongoing Impressions Part 10

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Head offices at Tai Yong Medical

After finding Van Bruggen’s tapes, it’s time to pay a visit to the head of Tai Yong Medical herself, causing mass chaos along in the way in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Upstairs are cubicles and the wonderfully decorated offices of Tai Yong’s head honchos. The offices have very modern, IKEA-styled furniture, adorned with wood laminate floors and stone masonry on the walls for good measure. I spend most of this time hacking computers and perusing e-mails, eventually working my way to the final elevator that leads directly to the penthouse and VP of the company.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - A modern palace sits atop Tai Yong MedicalI’m struck. Not by a bullet, but by the view. It’s a modern palace up here. Blade Runner inspirations abound, as a a soft warm light radiates through the windows and onto large polygonal statues. As beautiful as the place is, I have a sinking feeling; there’s no way that there’s a big open space with conveniently placed hiding spots unless a fight is coming. (more…)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Ongoing Impressions Part 9

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Tai Yong Medical server room

Van Bruggen’s buried some video in the data server at Tai Yong Medical. Gotta track it down, although there’s a laser grid and security guards in the way.

Up some more steps, which lead to yet even more offices and more computers. I give up on being completely stealthy, opting instead to sneak behind people just long enough to take them down. It’s paying off, and I’m able to reach the server room by taking down a couple of guards in this manner. The room is booby trapped. There’s a big laser grid running around it, preventing me from easily sneaking through, so I decide to rectify the situation with an EMP grenade. (more…)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Ongoing Impressions Part 8

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Upstairs at Tai Yong Medical

Upper Hengsha – maybe its entirety was cut from the game, but we get to experience a bit of it with Tai Yong Medical – a beautiful augmentation manufacturing facility that uses Lower Hengsha as a backdrop.

Wow, the Tai Yong Medical Center is pretty damn fancy. That’s expected for a facility that’s making bank selling cutting edge (and potentially knock-off) augmentations. Warm sunlight shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows and the lower city of Hengsha fills the horizon. There are a lot of researchers around, and a couple of guards to boot. I’ve got to get into the research labs, but the guard won’t let me through without a pass. (more…)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Ongoing Impressions Part 7

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - A maintenace worker is gassed

A quickie in Human Revolution – I walk into Tai Yong Medical and travel through the maintenance section of the building to reach the top.

I take the train to the upper city. There, I find some maintenance tubes. A guy in a chemical suit seems to have gotten himself into a bit of a pickle and has poison gas filling his room. His head piece is cracked and no doubt left alone, he’ll die. I can’t help but want to a help a person who needs some help, so I head over to the door. It’s locked. Time to put my hacking skills to use for the good side. I go and fail not once, but twice. Shit. And now security is coming after me. Ok, quick takedown and security is no longer a threat. One last try, and I’m able to open the door. I go in, turn the gas chamber off and then clear some boxes out of the way. As a reward, our new friend says that the security guy Lee will let us through. Oops, sorry Lee.

Further into the maintenance area, I find a trusty air vent. The air vent leads to a pretty good fall, and after falling off just about everything in Detroit, I’ve learned that’s not a good thing, so I’m willing to spend some Praxis points on the Icarus landing system. It does the trick and Jensen coasts the last few feet of the fall in third-person. The animation for it is a bit over-the-top for my taste, but it works, so I can’t complain. The air duct opens and shit… I set of an alarm. An alarm with robots. And guards. A bunch of them. My stealth expertise is short lived.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution  - Tai Yong Medical maintenance faciltiiesI hide in the air vent and take pot shots until I toast all of the guards. My silenced combat rifle works well with the distance. The robot is a bit stronger, so I use my shotgun upgrade – I can set it to fire two rounds at once for twice the damage. After a little work, the robot is toast, too.

Time to find the elevator to the Medical Center upstairs.