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You’re currently browsing the Battlezone news archives at Local Ditch Gaming. These are mostly site updates and answers to reader mail. Peruse to your enjoyment.

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Cheap Bastard

Hi i love Battlezone but i cant find the game anywhere for free i got no money realy no money but i would like to play this game full version and i do not have a cd player on my pc so if you know someone or somewhere where i can download the full version game for free and where i do not need to subscribe to any thing i would surly love it if you can provide me with it. if you like this game and you would like to play with someone else and cant find player if i get the game ill be able to play with you or your friends if they are looking for a player.

There’s an old saying: “If you can’t afford it, then it’s not for you.” Honestly, a quick search would get you the results way faster than me. For a Battlezone site that is current and up-to-date, check out

Battlezone Woes

Can you believe I am just now playing this game. I am having two problems. One is upgrading to a new weapon I created. Tried just running the ship into it, but it will not pick it up. Of course I already have a limit of weapons. Figure I have to remove one somehow?

Also, I sometime need to gather info on something I find. I place the reticle over the subject and try the I key but nothing seems to happen. I have read to use the T-I key, seems more like it should be “Spacebar”-I key. At any rate, I have then been told of insubordination and game is ended for failing to achieve directives.

Make sure that weapon type matches the hardpoint that your ship has. If you’re in a Scout, for example, there are two hardpoints for a cannon. Trying to put a rocket in there is not going to work.

For the latter part of the question, I’m betting that this happens during mission 3. Be sure to turn the option for Strategy Help off. After that, just get the target reticule over the object, press “I” and you’re good to go.

Flattery will get you everywhere

Zzzz your site is sooo out of date..

CSA WTF it’s CCA Dummy!

Shit, you’re completely right. And the worst part of it all? It’s probably been like that for 10 years. The terminology is correct now, but as far as the rest of the Battlezone section being completely out of date: it’s just an archive at this point, so it’s going to stay that way.

What’s the motto?

I think this place needs a motto. How about, “Where all of your favorite dead games are buried: The Local Ditch.” Sounds good to me. It’s been a while since the last update and in the mean time, I’ve been working my way through the FreeSpace series and System Shock.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t things to add to the site. I’ve finally got the links fixed for some of the Battlezone II Wallpapers and there’s a another set of overhead maps from Kalle, this time for the Interstate ’76 Nitro Pack.

Battlezone II Downloads – Wallpapers fixed
Nitro Pack Downloads – Maps images added

Daylight Savings

A few days ago, I received an e-mail asking if I wanted to put some maps to the I ’76 levels on the site. After checking them out, the answer was a definite, “Yes,” so those are up on the site in the I ’76 Downloads and through the I ’76 walkthrough.

I went and cleaned up some the of I ’76 links last week and it seemed like I should do the same for the other sections of the site. So, the Battlezone and BZII sections have had all of the broken external links removed.

There are a few small changes to some pages on the SEGA section, but I can’t even recall what they are.

As usual, there’s some behind-the-scenes stuff as well, most of which isn’t noticeable.

Battlezone Links – Old links removed
Battlezone II Links – Old links removed
Interstate ’76 Downloads – I ’76 Maps added
Interstate ’76 Walkthrough – New maps for maze levels

Mapped Out

First update of the new year, and it brings some goods news: the Battle Zone map links finally work.

The nicest thing about paying for hosting is that there are no pop-up ads for any visiting the site. The next best thing? The near unlimited space that’s availabe. Yesterday, I added some of the harder-to-find files for games on this site. Today, I added the Battlezone maps. Now, years ago, the BZ Cartogrpher’s Guild was the first site to really review and push mapmaking, so I just hotlinked to them. They went under a few years back, so the links have been dead since then.

Fear not, for now the links are back and the files are hosted here, so as long as the site is up, you can download them.

Battlezone Maps – Links work


Another set of updates has been added to the site. With the turkey-fuel provided over the weekend, I’ve been given the energy for a rather large update.

As promised, for Interstate ’76, I’ve added in a scanned version of its quick reference card. If you need it, at least there’s a place out there on the web that has it. While I was at it, I figured I’d add up the key card for Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries as well.

The Battle Zone site gets a quick update. At the bottom of each page is a link to the other pages. In case you find your way here through a search engine, you can still navigate around without the frame on the left hand side.

One of the links in the Mech 2 FAQ was old, so it’s been pointed to the right spot.

Speaking of FAQs, the I ’76 FAQ is updated with some new and refined info. In case you’re tired of setting down the hardware acceleration on your computer just for a game of I ’76, there’s a fix for that.

The Q&A has been brought up to date, so the three e-mails I’ve received in the last two years are up.

On the Sega side, the Rez section has some more info/screenshots about its pre-release versions and I’ve got some pictures up of the real-world Shenmue locations.

Behind the scenes, I’ve installed Google Analytics. The stats about the site are fascinating – where traffic comes from, how long people browse the site, what pages are looked at, which aren’t. In case you’re wondering, this site is most popular in Germany (I have no idea why) and the least visited portions are BZII and Deus Ex. Most popular? You guessed it, Interstate ’76, Battle Zone, and Mechwarrior.

It seems like I’m leaving some things off, so look around.

Battle Zone – Navigation all around
I ’76 Downloads – Key Card
Interstate ’76 FAQ – New info
Mechwarrior 2 FAQ – Link is corrected
Mercenaries Downloads – Key Card
Q&A – Three new questions almost answered
Rez – K-Project and Vibes Info
Shenmue – Real-world Locations